DJ/Hosting Services

About Us

Party Global Corp. is a company that provides a variety of systems and equipment to service any type of event. We provide music genres upon the request of the client. Our company has more than 20 yrs of entertainment experience. Our music professionals easily accommodate our client’s desire to entertain their guests. Additionally, our equipment and lighting rental make any venue transform into a truly unforgettable experience.

Sound Equipment / Gear Rental 

Our DJ Equipment rental services provide state of the art quality and modern equipment for audio, video, DJ gear, lighting, event production, speakers and concert systems.

If you are a Club Host, DJ or any type of professional that might need extra sound system, DJ Gear, DJ lights for your event Party Global Corp has the equipment you need. We are a full service event production company available for any size event.

Lighting / Production 

Light up your night with party lighting rental! When you want to capture the perfect view on the most amazing night, you need the right amount of lighting. Party Global Corp. helps our clients achieve spectacular visual components for their events by knowing which type of lights you need, where to place them, and of course how to combine the colors and timing of lighting for the best visual effects.

From weddings, stage shows, various types of parties, and more you will never be without the perfect lighting. The lighting that you can rent will turn an average venue into an event that most people only dream about.  With the party lighting that is offered through our company, not even the smallest detail will be overlooked.

A smoke and lights package may be your party choice! You can create smoke along with the disco ball and create a place where fun happens all night long! If you are ready to become known as the best party planner with the most on point light coordination, contact us today!

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